The Goals of This Website

  1. We assume the UAP videos released by the Pentagon and the information surrounding it given by involved Navy personnel are factual.
  2. We present a theory and qualitative explanation of the physics governing UAPs.
  3. The above makes a number of predictions that can be tested observationally.
  4. We provide proof of these observations within the data that is already available.
  5. As a secondary topic on this website, we discuss what we can expect of life on other planets based on current exoplanet and biological research.
  6. We shine a light on whether complex life is something we can expect at this point, given our current frontier of knowledge.

Motivation and a Word of Reason

Given the nature of the topic discussed here, we wish to make something very clear to fellow scientists. The stigma surrounding the topic of UAPs and their potential non-mundane explanations is unscientific and should have been reduced with every habitable exoplanet discovered by the Kepler telescope. As Feynman famously said, “it is scientific only to say what is more likely or less likely.” The likelihood of a non-mundane explanation, and other forms of life in general, increases with every such planet we discover and can no longer realistically be subject to ridicule without dismissing exoplanet research.  Most people have not yet updated their views and expectations according to the current state of research. We can now say there are 6 billion Earth-like planets in our galaxy, going as far as finding that half of all sun-like stars have Earth-like planets.

Like many, the author of this website used to reject UAPs due to lack of convincing data and too much nonsense surrounding them. When the Pentagon and Navy publicly acknowledged the reality of these objects, however, the conversation needed to change. We have a theory for the propulsion system of UAPs, which allows us to predict their motions, behaviors, and origin with surprising ease once we understand what these devices are actually doing. The data needed to come to a conclusion is already available and only requires a theory to explain it.

The problem was absence of credible evidence, which has changed in recent years as more and more countries have acknowledged the existence of UAPs, especially the release by the Pentagon in 2020.

Baseline of Evidence

In April 2020, the Pentagon officially released 3 declassified videos that show several unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) filmed by navy pilots, to “clear up any misconceptions by the public on whether or not the footage that has been circulating was real”.

Navy personnel (pilots and crew) involved with these events has further supplied information surrounding said footage, speaking about maneuvers, speed, and accelerations of these objects.

This official release, and releases by other nations before that, has given a credibility to this topic that simply did not exist before. At that moment, the subject of technologically advanced craft of unknown origin became scientific and the conversation about it needs to change accordingly. It is this which has inspired us to take a careful look at the data and physics involved.

We have reached a point where a carrier battle group can track UAPs in 3D space with multiple platforms and very high fidelity, all corroborating the information. Even a glitch in one system (which is highly unlikely in modern systems) would not repeat in the system on another ship. The validity and reality of the data can’t simply be dismissed anymore.

Note that the Pentagon does not like having to tell the public that they don’t understand something that is entering US airspace with impunity and flies circles around US aircraft. They have done their homework with all the sensor data they have, including the real HD uncut videos (the public has cut SD videos), and they still call it unidentified.

This speaks very loudly and simple debunking in the form of “it is a bird” or “it is a rotating lens flare” does not work. If you take such a stance, you are saying that the Pentagon and Navy are revealing a potential threat to the public and acknowledging their ignorance even though it’s just a mundane object, which their own investigators are smart enough to figure out. People that operate these systems have thousands of hours of experience and know what mundane things and aircraft look like, and how they behave.

It is, therefore, reasonable to take this information seriously.

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